Shakespeare's " A Mid-Summer Night's Dream " Designed & Bound by Robert Wu, 2012 Toronto

Shakespeare's "A Mid Summer Night's Dream"
Designed and Bound by Robert Wu, Toronto, 2012
Full French binding technique with chemise and slipcase. All edges gilt in rough and solid. Full leather doublure inside with Opal inlay and onlays. Handsewn silk headbands in blue, red and yellow.
All marbled papers are hand marbled by me specially for this binding on the box work, chemise and inside flyleaves.
Gilding and titling in gold, palladium and foil. Custom tools of fairies were made specially for this binding.
Design concept: The viewer peaks through the bushes into the nightly sky and sees fairies frolic around the ribbons. The ribbons form the shape of doubled hearts respresenting the human characters in the play. I hope to achieve this idea of constant play / struggles between reality and fantasy world.